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Modern methods to the synthesis of chemically converted biomacromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates) not just require effective potential to manage conjugation and the categorical web site of attachment of the conjugated moiety but in addition the powerful use of modern advancements within the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, biomolecular/polymer engineering, and nanobiotechnology.

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For a fee, you have the ability to resell their line of 1,000’s of gift items. You can buy catalogs from the company, give them away, mail them-- whatever, and whenever you make a sale, you pocket a profit from each item ordered. Then, you simply forward the order to the company and they drop ship it to your customers under your label. Simple, right? Unfortunately, I discovered what so many other people discover. The market for gift items is packed with competitors. Many of the products I tried to sell were figurines, lamps, and items you might see in any of a dozen local gift stores.

Most people who contact me about an opportunity like this have “someone in their up-line” who is making a bunch of money. Or they listened to a heavy hitter on a teleconference who is raking in the cash. Rarely, if ever, is the person who brings the opportunity to me making any significant money. I normally tell that person to keep me in mind and once they start making a significant profit (usually enough to replace their income) to come back and present the opportunity to me again. So far, I’ve never had someone return to me with his or her success story and re-invite me to join their program.

Here’s how you can beat your competition: make changes to the product and the offer that will set yourself apart from your competitors. For example, let’s say that you’re selling an 8 audio CD program. You can have all 8 CD’s transcribed and create a manual. Now, you have a bonus item (possibly for a deluxe package) that your competition does not. You can also write or hire a freelance writer to create additional bonus reports on a topic similar to the one featured on the audio CD’s. You can re-name the product and give it a more attention-grabbing title.

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