By Hannah Gilligan, David M. Venesy, Fredric D. Gordon

ISBN-10: 0763786098

ISBN-13: 9780763786090

Even if you or a relative are present process an organ transplant or contemplating or making plans the surgical procedure, this ebook deals support. a hundred Questions & solutions approximately Liver, center, and Kidney Transplantation: A Lahey medical institution advisor supplies authoritative, functional solutions on your questions on organ transplants. This entire consultant offers assets of help from either the surgeon s and sufferer s viewpoints. a useful source for a person dealing with the actual and emotional turmoil of an organ transplant!

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You will have a tube in your bladder (Foley catheter) that drains your urine into a bag. This gives your bladder time to adapt to the new kidney and gives us a way to accurately measure your urine. The Foley catheter is usually removed on day 3 after surgery. The urine output is one measure of how your new kidney is working. You will also notice a tube with a suction bulb on the end coming out near your new kidney. This is called a Jackson-Pratt drain. This drains fluids from your abdomen. It is removed a few days after surgery.

Crossmatch testing is done between the pairs, donors, and recipients. If the crossmatch is negative, the donors are further evaluated at the recipient’s transplant hospital. A final crossmatch is done the week before surgery. If this continues to be negative, you proceed to transplantation. The surgery on the donors is performed simultaneously at the various transplant hospitals. Paired exchange A donor and recipient who are unable to donate because their blood types are incompatible or their immune systems were incompatible (they had a positive crossmatch) are evaluated and accepted into a participating transplant program to search for compatible matches.

She had a terrible time with dialysis, so we want this kidney to last. What can we do to ensure that the kidney will function for years to come? Immunosuppressive medications Also referred to as antirejection medications, these drugs are prescribed to help your immune system accept your new organ and are taken for the rest of your life. One of the most important aspects of life after kidney transplant is the medication. The immunosuppressive medications are crucial to maintaining the kidney transplant.

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