By Charles Edward Barns

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RT 062330 Algol type Var. 6. 75d. 8. Sep. 2". Environs enticing. -9 41* 87- Chart 7-8 AURIGA: 55504540J5J02H0151J - XO' Unaided visually, the constellation of the LTnicorn. beat this hr, appears unimpressive: but astronomically it holds an important place in the annals of galactic research, proving that the more farrous constellations have no monoroly of stellar marvels. This one presents varied beauties and complexities. Even random sweeping charrrs. "-Campbell. 15 063610 Striking Tr. 6-9-11. Very colorful.

Points to Pole Star. NO "LAST WORD" IN ASTRONOMY. [R; C 30 RACO: Hl79 101073 Neb. 1 I I \ $550454(115)0252015/05 ;>0' See •• Abbrevia tions.. , Etc. idule \Vest, one iI, Boston and the third in San Francisco, gave three different estimates of the distance of Polaris. One placed it at seventyfive light· years, the second at ninety, and the third at one hun· dred and fifty. 074, which corresponds to a distance of forty-four light-years, plus. But recently the parallax measurements of all the brighter stars have undergone revision by ever-more intricate methods, so that with this one star we have no less than nine estimates, each differing from the others by sundry light-years from forty-four to two hundred and twen· ty!

Inconceivably high velocity in space, yet has moved only the lVoon's breadth since the time of Ptolemy. Surface temp. 18,000°F Were it as close to us as our Sun, it would consume the earth instantly' But the "white dwarf" companion to Sirius presents the SUpreme celestial paradox. 000 times water; and surface gravity, 35000 Earth·s. A man 01' this eigJ--th-mag. star would weigh over 2600 tons' Sirius and its companion "presents facts which, as Campbell says, 'we are at present powerless to explain....

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