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It is noted that short contacts of lone-pair and p moiety may not necessarily be regarded as lone-pair/p interactions, since they sometimes locate closely just due to the packing demand [9]. 7 Interplay of p/p Interaction and Hydrogen Bonding One of the most important interactions, other than X/p interactions, in heteroaromatic chemistry is the hydrogen bond [95]. Although both nitrogen and oxygen atoms of heteroaromatic rings can serve as a hydrogen bond acceptor, CSD studies revealed that oxygen atoms participate in hydrogen bonding less frequently than expected (Fig.

66] and Zuo et al. 17). Theoretical investigations on anion/p interactions were also performed by Quiñonero et al. [68]. 59 Å (DF-DFT). Kim et al. 48 kcal mol−1, respectively [69]. They emphasized that both electrostatic and inductive forces contribute significantly in anion/p interactions. In comparison to cation/p interactions, dispersion force is relatively important, especially in complexes of CN− and CO32−. An important contribution of inductive forces to anion/p interactions is also proved by the fact that the anion/p interaction energies of 1,3,5-triazine–halogen anion complexes are larger than those expected on the basis of permanent quadruple moment of 1,3,5-triazine.

16). 22 B), which can participate in anion/p interactions without electron-withdrawing substituents [62]. a X b X c R d X R X H Fig. 336 × 10−40 C m2. X/π Interactions in Aromatic Heterocycles 21 Fig. 4 O Cl a O O N N N F N N O H H O NO2 NO2 N O NO2 6 a MP2, b RI-MP2, cDF-DFT, dMP2 Fig. 17 Left: Complexes consisting of 1,3,5-triazine and Cl− connecting by either anion/p interaction (a) or hydrogen bond (b). Energies are in kcal mol−1 and interplanar distances are in Å (in parenthesis). Right: Optimized structure of host–guest complex that includes F− by means of anion/p (and CH/F−) interactions [65, 67] The anion/p interactions of hexafluorobenzene with H2O, HCN, or HF were theoretically studied by Quiñonero et al.

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