By TY Lee

ISBN-10: 981082663X

ISBN-13: 9789810826635

Except the normally Buddhist nations in Asia
where Buddhism is still powerful, it really is transforming into at an
explosive speed in the United States and lots of eu countries,
and is presently the quickest growing to be faith in Australia.
Modern and expert everyone is more and more finding
a want for religious teachings with out fanciful stories
and myths, loose from threats of punishments, and
without ideals which move opposed to technology and reason.
Simple religion and worship aren't any longer adequate during this day
and age. Buddhism with its functional and consistent
teachings and its relevance to lifestyle, is ready to satisfy
intelligent and enquiring minds, and therefore appeals very
much to our present-day society. The Sigalovada Sutta,
Vyagghapajja Sutta, Parabhava Sutta and Mangala Sutta
are all first-class examples of such teachings. They are
sensible, without difficulty acceptable and result in either personal
improvement and development, and religious development and
development. This publication is predicated on those 4 suttas.
I wish to advertise a better figuring out of Buddhism
by providing those crucial teachings in a concise,
uncomplicated and down-to-earth demeanour in order that they can
be liked through extra humans. I had proposal it helpful to
also have those 4 suttas compiled into one compact
book for the simple reference of all training Buddhists and
for the ease of all scholars of Buddhism. As such,
the normally to be had translations by means of Ven. Narada Thera
are additionally integrated within the Appendix.
The Buddha’s teachings have been initially memorized and
recited instead of written down and browse. but if written
down, those recitations occasionally make for tricky reading.
This is principally so after they originated greater than 2,500
years in the past in stipulations very varied from that of our
current age, and in a language relatively in contrast to our own.
Therefore, in accordance with the purpose to make the lessons more
accessible and simple to appreciate, those suttas have been
presented in a latest context utilizing contemporary
language. they've got additionally been divided into chapters, with
headings, sub-sections and factors inserted to make
them more straightforward to learn. despite the fact that, the circulate and series of
the texts were retained up to attainable to
preserve the texture and spirit of the Buddha’s teachings.
I want to convey my private gratitude to Ven. S.
Dhammika for his assistance and unending endurance, Ven. Dr.
I. Indasara Thero for writing the Foreword, Ven. Pannyavaro
Mahathera for reviewing the publication, and to Mr. Leong
Kum Seng and Ms. Han Ah Yew for his or her valuable
suggestions and assist in checking the textual content. i'm also
extremely privileged with a purpose to paintings with Ms. Sylvia Bay
on this e-book. My appreciation is going back to
Ms. Geelyn Lim for all her labor at the layout and
layout of this publication. All errors, blunders and omissions are
mine by myself, and that i could be satisfied to listen to from somebody who
can right them, in order that this e-book might be better on.
Thanks additionally visit all my lecturers and neighbors within the Dhamma
for their aid and encouragement from the very
beginning. My gratitude is going to my mom and dad and my wife,
Susan, for the entire aid they've got given me in my ‘work’ of
propagating the Dhamma. eventually my targeted because of the
people around the world who've made ‘Just be Good’
so profitable and for assisting to unfold the Dhamma
wherever they are.
May all Beings be good and satisfied, and loose from physical
and psychological soreness. may possibly all Beings embark at the Path
of the Buddha and observe Nibbana. might the entire benefits from
this e-book be devoted to the happiness and emancipation
of all Beings, and to assist shield and unfold the Teachings
of the Buddha.

T Y Lee

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Using the further symbolism of the four main cardinal directions, each one signifies a different stage that everyone goes through in life, from a child to an adult. In addition, the Nadir or the downward direction, represents the downto-earth reality of earning a living, and the Zenith or the upward direction, represents the higher spiritual life. In Buddhism, relationships should be reciprocal and not one-sided. A spirit of generosity and considerate behaviour are necessary. Thus, by each person helping and being considerate to others, everyone in-turn benefits from this positive conduct.

We must show gratitude by supporting them materially and physically when it is required, and by always returning their love and care. The Buddha said that the only way we can ever fully repay our parents is to share and instil them in the Dhamma. Although this seems obvious enough, there are people who do not fulfil this basic duty towards their families. We must support and remain faithful to our spouse, and provide for our children with material needs, parental support and a good education. This would include the crucial duty of teaching them the Dhamma for their own long-lasting peace and happiness.

To abstain from killing any living beings. To abstain from taking what is not given. To abstain from sexual misconduct. To abstain from lying and false speech. To abstain from the abusive consumption of intoxicants and drugs. Speech is our main form of interaction with others in society. If we were to always lie, gossip, scold or speak ill of others, we will have many enemies and people will dislike and distrust us. This will hinder greatly the material and spiritual progress we hope to achieve.

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