By David Dalglish

ISBN-10: 1456568973

ISBN-13: 9781456568979

The battle god Thulos marches internationally of Dezrel, recruiting infantrymen into his demon military and annihilating all who stand opposed to him. simply by 3 Kings, Harruq Tun and his associates needs to retailer the state of Mordan, whose priest-king has sworn to the darkish god, and should summon no matter what nightmarish creatures essential to keep rule. as soon as freed, they could flip their cognizance east, to the warfare god's method. earlier than the partitions of Mordeina, and excessive above within the golden urban of Avlimar, the final survivors make their stand opposed to an international of dying and conquest. A SLIVER OF REDEMPTION by way of David Dalglish the ultimate conflict has come.

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I will do as I did a thousand years before. ” He threw her away like a discarded doll. She crumpled on the hard ground and did not move. Harruq lunged, his swords stabbing for openings in Thulos’s armor. At the same time, Qurrah lashed with a whip wreathed in flame. As the leather wrapped around the war-god’s neck he blocked one sword stab with his vambrace. The other he parried with his sword, looped his blade around, and thrust deep through the armor covering Harruq’s chest. This time it was Aurelia who screamed at the sight, and Thulos noted their connection.

It was the answer he deserved, he knew. * Thulos looked upon the city from the castle doors, his skin cold marble in the bright moonlight. Velixar stood beside him, quiet and attentive. Thulos had summoned him to listen, and so he would. “I cannot hear my brothers,” Thulos said, his eyes watching the land beyond the walls where the distant army of Ashhur camped. “Either of them. ” The wind blew. Velixar heard Karak whisper for him to hold his silence. In time, Thulos resumed. “I will tell you much, mortal, so that you may understand what it is I came for, and why it is I seek your lord.

The smoke from the whip blurred Thulos’s vision, and in that momentary distraction he saw sets of white wings come flying in. He crouched down and held up his sword, preparing for an attack. None came. The angels swooped down and yanked his opponents into the air without ever slowing. Thulos sheathed his sword, frowning. Other than wounding the burly warrior, he was yet to score a solid blow, and even he might survive. Only Mira remained, still limp upon the ground. ” he shouted to his troops. “Kill the slow!

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