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Michael Trimble's Why Humans Like to Cry: The Evolutionary Origins of Tragedy PDF

People are the single species who cry for emotional purposes. We weep at tragedies either in our personal lives and within the lives of others--remarkably, we even cry over fictional characters in movie, opera, novels, and theatre. yet why is weeping particular to humanity? what's varied concerning the constitution of our brains that units us except all different animals?

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There are two types of multiple precompound decay which might be considered. Type I results when a nucleus emits more than one exciton from a single exciton hierarchy. g. in a two particle-one-hole configuration, up to two particles could be emitted; in a three particle-two-hole configuration up to three particles could be emitted, etc. ” If the intervening two-body transitions are omitted from this sequence, it becomes type I multiple emission. In the type II sequence for nucleon induced reactions, the leading term would be two particle-two-hole.

For references to the experimental data. 44 Fig. 7. 127I(p,3n)125Xe reaction, an example of a good fit. ALICE-IPPE calculation from Obninsk is shown as a fit to selected data. 11. for references to the experimental data. In this section we discussed the general features of the modeled cross-sections and the quality of fit to the data. We described calculations by four different groups using mostly global parameters. We identified several deficiencies in reaction formalisms used in the calculations.

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