By Leelawati Bhagwat

ISBN-10: 8123710739

ISBN-13: 9788123710730

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Hundreds of labourers were working there. Minakshi decided to offer her services and earn some money. But would she be able to cope with this hard manual labour? She had found even a flower-bud too hard for her to sleep on. Minakshi wept but she had no alternative. She obtained work at the dam and started working with the other labourers. Like everyone else she got her daily wages. She spent the money on feeding and clothing the old couple and herself. She could only afford to eat the simplest food and wear the coarsest clothes.

The King turn ed to his minister. " G ive this man the plot of land that nobody else wants," he commanded. Chhotul al sang all the way home . Rushing to his wife, he cried, "See how kind the King is. He has granted my request. He has given me the land that nobody else wanted. " Nandini tore her hair in despa ir. But what could she do ? After her temper had cooled, she called Chhotulal and they set off together to see the land. It was a large plot overgrown with weeds and bushes with enormous stones scat tered around .

We are trying to find the chests. -chief swore not to tell anyone and departed. Soon afterwards Chhotulal and his wife went horne. Nandini smiled, sang and danced all the way back. Chhotulal was surprised to see her suddenly so happy. The next day, Chhotulal and Nand ini returned to their plot. the land was hardly recognizable . The field had been well dug, weeds and bushes weeded out and the stones cleared away. Nandini clapped her hands with glee. "My story of three chests full of gold must have fooled those men.

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A Trip to Heaven and Other Stories by Leelawati Bhagwat

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