By T. A. Barron

ISBN-10: 1101641827

ISBN-13: 9781101641828

Book five within the Merlin Saga by way of T. A. Barron!

Winter's longest evening is quickly drawing close as Merlin faces the main tough problem of his existence: to unite all of the humans of Fincayra opposed to an invasion through the evil Rhita Gawr. yet how can one guy, in weeks' time, assemble them all—the dwarves, the canyon eagles, the strolling timber, the dwelling stones, and more—when none of them will hear? And now comes the mysterious Swordarms, who's removing Fincayra's young children. provided that Merlin can unite the struggling with forces inside of himself, can he shop the kids, unify the Fincayrans, and regain the lengthy misplaced wings that might permit him, and his humans, to settle on their precise future.

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Old friends such as Riverwind, Goldmoon, and Laurana travel with them. Old enemies are here too, as the companions encounter new adventures and new dangers in the beginning months of the War of the Lance. The companions believe they have slain the evil Dragon Highlord Verminaard. They have rescued the refugees from Pax Tharkas and taken them to a valley in the Kharolis Mountains. Tanis and Flint are sent to search for the long lost Dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, hoping to persuade the dwarves to give the refugees shelter for the winter.

Flint makes a wager. Chapter 12 - The Inn of the Tails. Sturm argues. Flint whittles. Chapter 13 - False metal. Strange bedfellows. Flint’s promise. Chapter 14 - Three hundred years of hate. The Valley of the Thanes. Chapter 15 - Lizards. Fleas. Vermin. Chapter 16 - Duncan’s Tomb. Yet another Kharas. Chapter 17 - Caramon skips breakfast. Grag is late for lunch. Chapter 18 - Tasslehoff’s find. Flint’s wall. More stains. Chapter 19 - Prisoners of the Theiwar. Tanis warns the Thanes. Chapter 20 - Flight.

His body did not have the slender delicacy of the elven form but the bulk of humans. Stripping off his leather tunic, breeches, and boots, Tanis waded into the stream, dispersing his reflection in ripples, gasping at the shock of the cold water. He splashed water onto his chest and neck. Then, holding his breath, he braved himself for a plunge. He came up huffing and blowing water from his nose and mouth, grinning widely at the tingling sensation that spread throughout his body. Already he felt better.

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