By C. Bartolini, J. R. Roman Ramos

ISBN-10: 0891813713

ISBN-13: 9780891813712

Memoir ninety is a multidisciplinary booklet that features a wide variety of subject matters reminiscent of natural geochemistry, petroleum structures research, salt tectonics, petroleum prospectivity reviews, geophysical interpretation, basin modeling, petrophysics, stratigraphy and sedimentology, structural geology and tectonics, biostratigraphy and paleontology, sediment provenance stories, and strength fields.

AAPG Memoir ninety makes a speciality of the southern Gulf of Mexico prolific offshore and onshore basins with an emphasis at the petroleum structures. This booklet is a needs to for exploration geologists and geophysicists, examine scientists, school, and scholars who are looking to find out about the recent exploratory wisdom at the petroleum geology of the Mexican Gulf of Mexico.

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based in 1917, AAPG is the world's biggest specialist geological society.

AAPG is a pillar of the world-wide clinical neighborhood. Our books foster well timed clinical examine, boost the technology of geology and advertise the most productive tools of strength exploration & processing expertise and practices on hand at the present time.

a number of the components we put up in include:
good Log Analysis
Geological Modeling
Carbonate Petrology
Seismic Imaging
Reservoir Characterization
neighborhood Petroleum Analysis
Tectonics and Sedimentation

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The diapir-minibasin area has large salt diapirs (mostly passive), which also dominate other parts of the Salina del Istmo Basin. Some of these diapirs show signs of lateral shortening before they reached an extensional setting on the upper slope and shelf margin. Some diapirs appear to be sourced by allochthonous salt, but seismic imaging at depth is too poor to be certain. Some of the surrounding minibasins are floored by the allochthonous salt canopy or equivalent salt weld. Other minibasins rest directly on synclines of the Miocene fold belts, with no intervening allochthonous weld visible.

Biochronostratigraphic Analysis This work required a very detailed analysis of species distribution patterns for both planktonic and benthonic foraminifera. The stratigraphic significance of a particular species was tested against a paleobathymetric framework to evaluate the overprint of paleoenvironmental factors on time as indicated. These analyses lead to the exclusion of data in some cases. The identification of benthonic foraminifera present in the samples allowed the determination of water-depth variation through geologic time.

9 Ma) could be restored with a smaller salt area, thus simulating less salt loss forward in time. In light of this ambiguity, the proportion of salt lost by dissolving directly into seawater or pore fluids is unknown. Cross Section SA97-014 A seismic profile in Figure 24 (located in Figure 12) in the east shows the Pescadores minibasin, a triangular bounding passive diapir, other passive diapirs and minibasins basinward, and deep allochthonous salt pillows. These are all underlain by a sporadically welded salt canopy, which climbed upsection by advancing seaward in the upper slope.

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AAPG MEMOIR 90 - Petroleum Systems in the Southern Gulf of Mexico by C. Bartolini, J. R. Roman Ramos

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