By Steven Roman

ISBN-10: 0387728287

ISBN-13: 9780387728285

This graduate point textbook covers a particularly vast variety of subject matters. The e-book first bargains a cautious dialogue of the fundamentals of linear algebra. It then proceeds to a dialogue of modules, emphasizing a comparability with vector areas, and offers a radical dialogue of internal product areas, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and finite dimensional spectral thought, culminating within the finite dimensional spectral theorem for regular operators. the recent version has been revised and includes a bankruptcy at the QR decomposition, singular values and pseudoinverses, and a bankruptcy on convexity, separation and optimistic suggestions to linear structures.

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Hence, ² h ³² h ³ ~ , implying that  h  ~  or  h  ~ . In either case, we have a contradiction to the fact that  is the smallest positive integer such that  h  ~ . … Notice that in any field - of characteristic , we have  ~  for all   - . Thus, in - ,  ~ c for all   This property takes a bit of getting used to and makes fields of characteristic  quite exceptional. ) It can be shown that all finite fields have size equal to a positive integral power  of a prime  and for each prime power  , there is a finite field of size  .

However, this process must stop after a finite number of steps, for otherwise it will produce an infinite sequence  Á  Á à of nonunits of 9 for which b properly divides  . But this gives the ascending chain of ideals º » ‰ º » ‰ º » ‰ º » ‰ Ä where the inclusions are proper. But this contradicts the fact that a principal ideal domain satisfies the ascending chain condition. Thus, we conclude that every nonzero nonunit has a factorization into irreducible elements. As to uniqueness, if  ~  Ä and  ~  Ä are two such factorizations, then because 9 is an integral domain, we may equate them and cancel like factors, so let us assume this has been done.

Is a maximal ideal. Proof. First, note that for any ideal ? of 9 , the ideals of 9°? are precisely the quotients @ °? where @ is an ideal for which ? ‹ @ ‹ 9. It is clear that @ °? is an ideal of 9°? Conversely, if AZ is an ideal of 9°? , then let A ~ ¸  9 “  b ?  AZ ¹ It is easy to see that A is an ideal of 9 for which ? ‹ A ‹ 9 . Next, observe that a commutative ring : with identity is a field if and only if : has no nonzero proper ideals. For if : is a field and ? is an ideal of : containing a nonzero element , then  ~ c   ?

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