By Kenneth Macksey

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Analysis of this phenomenon will provide the key to understanding the dynamics and patterns of behavior characteristic of neopatriarchy, and will enable us to grasp a fundamental insight: Patriarchal societies, regardless of their variety on the manifest level, all share in the same deep structures. From this perspective we can immediately grasp the curious aspect shared by all types of neopatriarchy, the absence equally of genuine traditionalism and of authentic modernity. In "modernized" patriarchy it is just as hard to find a truly modern individual or institution as it is to locate genuinely traditional ones.

Fetishized modernism, a category which to a large extent determines neopatriarchal outlook and practice, imposes itself directly, without mediation or critical self-consciousness. 17 This holds true not only for "imported" ideas and institutions but also for ones that seem indigenous and self-generated. Take, for example, Arab nationalism, the cen- PATRIARCHY AND MODERNITY 25 tral movement of Arab political life in the twentieth century. , Japan's autonomous modernity cannot be understood without reference to the West).

All fixed, fast frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all newformed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. 10 20 NEOPATR1ARCHY For Weber also, modernity is an intrinsic part of capitalism. Like Marx, he saw capitalism transforming European society (and the world) in a radical, irreversible way. Unlike Marx, he attributed this transformative force to "rationality"—instrumental reason calculating the relation between ends and means.

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