By Cilli Sobiech

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This thesis constitutes a rare leading edge study method in moving the ideas and techniques of advanced structures to possibility examine. It ambitiously bridges the limitations among theoretical, empirical and methodical examine paintings and integrates those fields into one entire technique of facing uncertainty in socio-ecological structures. The built agent-based simulation goals on the dynamics of social vulnerability within the thought of process of the German North coastline. therefore, the social simulation presents an analytical technique to discover the person, relational, and spatial facets resulting in dynamics of vulnerability in society. Combining complexity technology and hazard study via the strategy of agent-based simulation hereby emphasizes the significance of knowing interrelations contained in the method for the system's improvement, i.e. for the evolving. in accordance with a vulnerability review relating to vulnerability features, current chance habit and self-protection personal tastes of non-public families opposed to the affects of flooding and typhoon surges, attainable process trajectories should be explored through simulation experiments. The system-analytical method as a result contributes to an built-in attention of multi-dimensional and context-sensitv social phenomena equivalent to vulnerability. additionally it achieves conceptually and strategically suitable implications for hazard learn and complicated structures research.

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