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Scholars Press, 1983). 33. See Friedman, "Al Derekh Heker ha-Sugya," pp. 12 ff. 168 RICHARD KALMIN authoritieshave addedto a statement,modifyingor even completelyoverturning its original meaning. It likewise follows that a considerablepart of the task involvedin analyzingthese statements consistsof separatingout the laterlayerof accretionin orderto retrievethe originalcore. Theywill thereforefigureprominentlyin our statistics. 34Alt contrastedapodicticlaw, whichis absoluteand categorical,with casuisticlaw, whichis tied to a particular situation, conditional, and introducedby an "if" clause (protasis), with the legal penalty for the action expressed as the consequence (apodosis).

His argument is repeated by Yebiel Weinberg, Mebkarim be-Talmud [Berlin: Jewish Theological Seminary of Berlin, 1937-38], p. v. However, Weinberg claims that the case cited by Rapoport can be shown on the basis of stylistic considerations to be a saboraic addition. Compare Halivni, Mekorot u-Mesorot, introduction to Yoma-Hagigah, p. ) In the opinion of the present writer, the same argument can be directed against the view that stam material based on statements by Ravina b. d'Rav Huna must be saboraic.

256, and n. 117, and Hyman Klein, "Gemara Quotations in Sebara," Jewish QuarterlyReview 43 (1953): 344-345, n. 8. Halivni, Mekorot u-Mesorot, introduction to Yoma-Hagigah,p. 7, notes that the period between the death of Rav Ashi in 427 and the death of the later Ravina in 501 represents approximately one-third of the total duration of the amoraic period, and claims that the material which can be dated with certainty to this period adds up to less than 5 percent of the total amoraic contribution to the Talmud.

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