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It is interesting to watch on the Equator how the Sun and the Moon set. Like the stars, they descend very sharply, as if someone had dangled them on a thread and then dipped them behind the horizon. Why IsĀ· the Sun Hotter in Summer? Why is the Sun hotter in summer than in winter? Perhaps the Earth is nearer to the Sun in s~mmer? If this were so, the Sun would look larger in the sky in summer than in winter. All objects look larger close-up, and smaller in the dis.. ' tance. The Sun is always the same size in the sky.

Are There Martians on Mars? We are flying to Mars. It's still a long way off and looks like a small sandy-red sphere. But very unlike Venus Mars is! It is coated in a light, translucent and cloudless atmosphere. Mars is nof covered by anything, so all its features can be seen. A bright white cap-like spot stands out on one sideĀ· of it. This is one of the planet's two poles. The poles are the coldest places on every planet. It looks as ifthe cap is a thin layer of snow. In summer it melts and reappears in winter.

On Mercury all the water. boiled a evaporated and almost all the air dissolv in space long ago. There are only dry, ba rocks. In the daytime they are so scorchi hot that if you stepped on them, yo boots would burst into flames. At the same time in the shady pa of the planet it is pitch-dark night. It terribly cold: -150OC and sometim more. The Sun has set over the horizon a will not appear for three months. Mercu does not even have its own Moon. given a "night lamp" by natur Only Venus, which is much bright in Mercury's sky than in ours, shin very faintly now and then on the froz rocks at night; but when it disappea it becomes pitch-black.

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