By Juan Gomez Casas, Abe Bluestein

ISBN-10: 0920057381

ISBN-13: 9780920057384

This the 1st English-language historical past of the Federación Anarquista Ibérica, lines its heritage again to its founding and follows its improvement through the an important civil struggle years. "Casas brings detailed skills to the duty of chronicling the background of the F.A.I.the attempt is rewarding."--Social Anarchism

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It may well be true that the jihadists have an interpretation distinctive to them. But is theirs a “hijacking” of the religion, a rank perversion of it—or an interpretation understandably flowing out of Islam? It is helpful to think about this from a wider perspective. In all of the major religions of the world there are disputes about interpretation. For example, devout Catholics and equally committed Protestants have disagreed violently on the meaning of Christianity (and of course Protestants are themselves splintered into countless subgroups).

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